Hi and welcome to Bär Köpes (we buy berry’s) in Los !

We buy berry’s of almost any kind each summer, every day of the week between 5 pm and 7,30 pm, 
if there is many sellers in line we have open as long as it takes.

The approximately max volume of what we can buy in one day is about 15 tons.

The berries are used to jam, lemonade and medicine

The approximately prices (kilo) in 2012

Kind of berry

Approximately prices per kilo



45-60 SEK(season from about 27 of June until the end of August)


10-30 SEK (cleaned + 2 SEK, season from about 25 July until middle of August)


7-16 SEK (cleaned + 2 SEK, season from about 8 august until the end of September)


 20-25 SEK


   10-15 SEK


20-22 SEK


 15-18 SEK

Red Currant

10-16 SEK


Black Currant

  14-16 SEK

White Currant 16-20 SEK  

Other berry´s might be interesting too



Herbs (kilo)

Ört sort

Approximately prices per kilo



15-18 SEK



Picking tips !

Do not pick berry’s in containers that has a smell or earlier have been used to 
keep any kind of chemicals like petrol or diesel etc.

Do not use plastic bags since this makes the berry’s ferment (turn into alcohol).

Keep berry’s dry and out of all kinds of wet conditions.

The berries cannot contain more than 1-2% of litter (twigs, leafs etc.)

We have maps of good berry areas where there should be plenty of berry’s, ask us and you receive a map.

Bring rubber boots, since it’s often wet in the woods.

Important !!! 
The berry’s cannot contain stone or hard material of any kind, it may break cleaning and 
sorting machinery that is very expensive

Picking equipment prices:

12 kg boxes in plastic can be bought from us for 15 SEK/each, 
you can sell them back to us when you leave for the same price (15 SEK).

Berry pickers/machines are about 200 SEK and you can sell them back to us for 
a price depending on the condition of the picker/machine

Plastic buckets 10 kg are about 15 SEK.


Right of common access (Allemansrätten) freedom under responsibility and rules to follow:

Don’t throw garbage in the nature, parking lots or at camp sights.

That is in violation with Swedish law, bring them to us instead and we will take care of them.

In Sweden you cannot camp near lakes or beaches unless they are marked that it is ok to do so.

We do not buy berry’s from people that break the law, like theft or driving under the influence of alcohol or beer (even drinking one beer and driving is considered a crime).

Road description:

Los is located right in the middle of Sweden.

If you go by the E4 road from Stockholm, you drive up to town of Hudiksvall and then turn of the E4 and take aim on Ljusdal
and then Färila and then Los, Los is located 120 kilometers from Hudiksvall strait into the counter towards Norway.


You can charge you mobile phone at the buying place.

Mobile phone cards can be bought at almost any store or gas station in Sweden

We have signs to the buying place with the words “Bär Köpes”.

If you need to use the Internet, go to the library (in most cases it free of charge).

In Los there are grocery store (that also function as a pharmacy),
and a convenient store/kiosk (that also function as a delivery point for Systembolaget (state alcohol stores).

And then there is a automatic gas station.

In Los there is a camping with cottages from 4 to 6 beds, price is about 250 SEK/day 
or places to put up tents 115 SEK/day
and you have the possibility to prepare food, take showers, bathroom, and cleaning machine as well as TV. 
Gammeltomtens Camping,
Reception: +46 -(0)657-102 44
 Address: Kalmetervägen 9, 820 50 Los, Sverige.


You can also live here (in Hamra) located 15 kilometers from Los http://www.hamravild.com/





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